Happy Birthday Stone!

Birthday celebrations are always something to look forward to – especially if the party’s host is pouring some great beer, but when the guest of honor brews the great beer we look forward to enjoying at everyone else’s parties the celebration taps up another level or two. Stone Brewing, famously of North County San Diego (Escondido), CA turned 12 a couple weeks ago and they’ve invited all of their most Arrogant Bastardly friends to join them.

This year the Stone gargoyle protects a Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout which promises to pair well with cakes, candles and carousing. Their 11th Anniversary Black IPA didn’t last long on the shelves and I don’t expect this one to stick around for more than a handful of weeks so you should be reaching for the car keys right about now…..

Don’t fret; however, at the dwindling supplies of this limited brew because its shelf space will soon be replaced by Stone’s Vertical Epic 08.08.08. Timing is everything.