Pull up a stool!

Unless, of course, you’ve allowed the marketing evil geniuses for the domestic Big 3 macro conglomerates (Budweiser, Coors, SAB Miller) to convince you that their swill actually tastes good. In that case, there’s a smokey, tobacco stained bar just down the road from the hunting lodge where you can get your fill of $3 Bud Light pitchers. If; however, you’re already a devoted craft and import brew fan or if you’re open minded, curious and appreciate the value of true quality and skill over marketing and blind product loyalty (not limited to beer), then we’ve got a spot at the rail with your name on it and the tap handles are primed.

Weclome to the Alemonger’s (mostly) craft brew blog. We probably won’t make the world a whole lot safer but our pint glasses will surely be tastier!