Evil Accounting or Something More Sinister?


On Thursday, November 6, Anheiser-Busch released its annual revenues of $666 Million.  In an earnings season which has proved devilish across practically every industry, A-B’s earnings figure appears to be right on the mark.

Rolling Rock may never come clean about their mysterious “33” but A-B’s “666” needs no interpretation – or confirmation for that matter – you can taste the number in every painful sip.


4 thoughts on “Evil Accounting or Something More Sinister?

  1. Hey Roxxen, glad you grabbed a stool. It’s always happy “hoppy” hour around here and we never close so stop in more oftn.

    I had a Deschutes Black Butte Porter while waiting for a flight out of SeaTac. A really nice porter – especially on tap. Can’t them on this side of the country but I always look for them when I’m traveling in the west.


  2. Hey, the new AB Ale isn’t too bad. Had a small sample at my local. ( I would never buy it ), then I immediately switched to a Hopfish.

    Just had a Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale, one of my buddies brought one up from North Carolina. Wet hopped. Incredible. They only come out for a very short time once a year. The supply in SJ has been dried up for awhile. But I enjoyed the one bottle that was given to me.

    Nice Blog. Thanks for putting mine on the blog list. I have a new blog out this week.

    See you.

    Dr. J

    Dr. J’s Beer Blog

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